SecurAccess for Developers


Authenticating to SecurEnvoy couldn't be simpler. Just a few lines of code via HTTPS POST and you're ready to go.

POST to http(s)://your_securenvoy_server/secserver

USERID:Userid of user authenticating
PASSCODE:6 digit Passcode to check

Return "OK" and result of validation or "ERROR" and an error message.

Or alternatively you integrate our .Net API for either authentication or administration for even more functionality.

Authenticating to SecurEnvoy via .NET dll on a SecurEnvoy server

The authentication API guide contains details of how the SecurEnvoy .authentication name space provides two-factor authentication of users and includes:

  • Authentication methods
  • Properties
  • VB.NET examples
  • Security recommendations

Administration of the SecurEnvoy server via .NET dll

The administration guide includes authentication methods and properties, plus details of how to:

  • Create and delete users
  • Enable and disable user fbloggs
  • Create existing user fbloggs in an external LDAP server
  • Scripting with Microsoft PowerShell v3


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